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Tube Mill

Tube mill is of very rigid construction to produce tubing of high strength steels with D/T ratios up to 7.
TIMB can supply tube mills for all forms of specialized tubing for automotive structural, furniture and energy sector

  • Tube Diameter Range: 10 mm to 250 mm
  • Thickness Range: 1 mm to 16 mm
  • Materials: Ferrous and Non-Ferrous(Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper and Alloys)
A typical high productive setup consists of following elements
  • Double Decoiler
  • Automatic strip end joiner
  • Accumulator
  • Forming stands
  • Finpass stands
  • High frequency induction welder
  • Squeeze roll
  • OD bead remover
  • Cooling chamber
  • Sizing section
  • Turk heads
  • Flying cut off
  • Runout table
To achieve the productivity and quality TIMB designs and manufactures the appropriate equipment for the diameter range as in the below matrix for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous material (carbon-steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and alloys).
Model Diameter Min.(mm) Diameter Max.(mm) Thickness(mm)
TM 41.28 12.7 41.28 0.8-4
TM 76.20 25.4 76.20 1-6
TM 101.60 44.45 101.60 2-10
TM 168 88 168 4-12
TM 250 101 250 6-16

Based on an intelligent modular design the individual machines can be configured to suite specific production line requirement. Also additional auxiliary equipment’s like facing and chamfering, inspection equipment’s, Bundling and packing etc can be integrated to provide a fully automated customized solution.

Tube Mill Assembly in Progress
Various Stages – Roll Forming Simulation of Tube Mill


  • Front Fork Tubes
  • Axle Tubes
  • Stabilzer Bar
  • Steering Shaft & Column
  • Chassis Tubing
  • Drive Shaft


  • Rectangular
  • Furniture
  • Square
  • Cycles
  • Profile


  • Tubes for wind mill
  • Solar panel
  • Petrochemical station
  • Oil & Gas Drilling and Production
  • Mining
  • Chemical Processing

Tube Mill Elements

Individual elements will be supplied to suit existing tube mill
  • Entry line
  • Accumulator
  • Forming stands
  • Squeeze roll
  • Flying Cutoff
  • Online facing & chamfering

Squeeze Roll with Servo System

  • Servo controlled system with setup recall provision, thereby ensuring repeatablity & reliability by eliminating operator intervention
  • Advantage having extended bearing life
  • Reduced weld related defects and ensures consistency in weld forge line due to precise role position control

Tube Stand

  • Stands made of SG Iron casting for better shock absorption and stability
  • Quick change over ensured by unique stand clamping system
  • Rigid Mill construction to produce tubes of high strength steel with diameter/thickness ratio upto 7.
Tube Mill
Customers count on our machine for the following advantages
  • High productivity and availability
  • Reliable reproducibility
  • Short set-up times
  • Simple operation
  • Increased process stability
  • Continuous production
  • Automated processes
  • IIOT feature can be incorporateded